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Keeping It Local

The Chippewa Valley is home to many talented and aspiring writers and poets. Some are already household names and others are newly published and just beginning the hard work of promoting their book and attracting appreciative readers. This area is known for its vibrant musical scene but there is also a rich literary community of gifted writers. We invite you to purchase their books and to disprove the old saying that an artist is never appreciated in their hometown. Show that they are appreciated and supported most in their own communities.

Buy a book by a local author and you will chuckle at Michael Perry’s insights into small town life, charm a child with one of Katie McKy’s books or discover a new author to treasure and be proud of because of their roots in the Eau Claire area and their talent.

You can purchase books by local authors in our shop or online. See a listing below of those available. Call us at 715-831-9788 and order, or click the appropriate links below, and order on-line. We would be happy to ship the book to you.

Visit our website often for the latest books just released by local authors. Also watch for developments to come, including author bios & interviews, text & audio selections of their work, and reader feedback.

“You can buy a book anywhere but when you buy at your local bookstore you also buy your community. That can’t be found in a box from Amazon. If you want community you have to be part of one. If you want a better world, support the community you live in.” Author Unknown

Anderson, Ken

Mayberry Reflections - $14.95

Click here for more details

Backus, Jim

Great Bear Rain Forest - $47.00

Backus, Jim

Spirit Bears - $36.95

Backus, Jim

Voyage Into Nature (HC) - $36.95

Backus, Jim

A New Pack on the Prairie - $19.00

Backus, Jim

Photos & Reflections II - $19.00

Backus, Jim

Alphabet Tracks - $19.00

Backus, Jim

Voyage Into Nature (SC) - $19.00

Bell, Dan

A Jury of One's Own - $12.00

Betchkal, Steve

All of This and Robin's Too - $17.00

Blanchard, Charles

Colby Stories - $15.00

Buckli, Ron

Riding on the Wind - $20.00

Buckli, Ron

The Flying Eagles - $10.00

Burt, Mary

Spilled Ink & Second Thoughts - $10.00

Cance, Aaron

A Borrower Be - $7.00

Carson, Janet

A Cavalryman Under Custer, '64 - '65 - $15.00

Chique, Mony

The Execution of Argentina's Freedom - $16.90

Comerford, Kevin

Halcyon - $10.00

Comerford, Kevin

Beyond Halcyon - $10.00

Gilbertson, Don

Better Openings: A History of Osseo - $15.00

Gilbertson, Don

West of the Forty - $12.00

Hubin, Peter

The General's Den - $12.95

Hubin, Peter

Barefoot Boy and Other Drivel - $12.95

Heuser-Jannusch, Marlene Rose

Gentle Words for Every Season - $18.00

Jordan, Bert

A Lake's End - $15.00

Kemper, Charles

Birds of Chippewa Land - $66.95

Knight, Joe

Frozen Assets - $12.00

Kruger, Les

Brothers in Blood - $18.95

Lauber, Peg

New Orleans Suite - $10.00

Loomis, Jon

High Season - $6.99

Loomis, Jon

Mating Season - $7.99

Mcky, Katie

It All Began With a Bean (HC) - $14.95

Mcky, Katie

It All Began With a Bean (SC) - Coming Soon

Mcky, Katie

Pumpkin Town (HC) - $16.00

Mcky, Katie

Pumpkin Town (SC) - $6.99

Mcky, Katie

Wolf Camp (HC) - $15.95

Mcky, Katie

Wolf Camp (SC) - Coming Soon

Nature's Press

Seasons of the North - $29.95

Nelson, Andrea

A Soft Sifting - $10.00

Patrie, Andrew

A Beautiful Accident - $10.00

Patrow, Debra

Acres of Bitterness - $12.99

Pedersen, Jeffrey

Endless Running - $15.00

Pedersen, Jeffrey

River Reflections - $15.00

Perry, Michael

Off Main Street - $13.99

Perry, Michael

Population: 485 - $13.99

Perry, Michael

Truck: A Love Story - $13.99

Perry, Michael

Coop: A Year of Poultry Pigs and Parenting (HC) - $25.99

Perry, Michael

Coop: A Family, a Farm, and the Pursuit of One Good Egg (SC) - $14.99

Rockwell, Norm

The Best Cartoons - $12.95

Rowe, Hoam

Life Begins - $12.95

Russell, John

Wiscomical - $14.95

Schneider, Katherine

Your Treasure Hunt - $18.95

Schneider, Katherine

To the Left of Inspiration - $13.95

Schumacher, Kristi

Out My Front Window - $7.99

See, Patti

Love's Bluff - $14.95

Splichal, Jason

The Disappeared - $12.00

Stendahl, John

I Know Everything, But I Don't Know Everything All at Once - $10.00

Storm, Ralph

Camp Florence Days - $14.95

Szymanski, Ken

Blue Light Special - $10.00

Tank, David

River of Hope - $17.95

Tank, David

Wisconsin Wildflowers in 3D - $24.95

Taylor, Bruce

In Other Words - $10.00

Taylor, Bruce

Pity the World - $14.95

Taylor, Bruce

The Longest You've Lived Anywhere - $10.00

Taylor, Bruce

The Darling Poems - $18.00

Taylor, Bruce

This Day - $20.00

Taylor, Bruce

why that man talks that way - $20.00

Wagner, Paul & Hjordy

Ready of Not They're Gay - $14.95

Zais, Jack

Local 19 - $19.50

Zais, Jack

Glancing the Newsletters, Book 1 - $15.00

Zais, Jack

Glancing the Newsletters, Book 2 - $18.00

Zais, Jack

Glancing the Newsletters, Book 3 - $14.00

Zais, Jack

Glancing the Newsletters, Book 4 - $15.50

Zais, Jack

Glancing the Newsletters, Book 5 - $14.00

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