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Collectors Corner

Collectors Corner features some of the finer books from our diverse stock of books. These are scarce or unique books from all areas of interest. In some cases, they are titles that we were afraid may be overlooked but that warrant respect and special attention.

Cody, W. F.; et al

"Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World"

64 page Program for the Wild West show. Chromo-Lithograph covers. 1893.


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Siddons, Anne Rivers [Stephen King]

"The House Next Door"

Signed, Limited Edition; #23 or 450 copies. Signed by both Siddons and Stephen King, who wrote the Foreward. 1993.


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Sarg, Tony and Anne Stoddard

"With "Tony Sarg's Alphabet"

Alphabet Book; illustrated by Tony Sarg. Circa 1926.


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Upton, Bvt. Major-General Emory

"Infantry Tactics Double and Single Rank"

Published 1889

SOLD ($125.00)

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Unger, Frederic William

"With "Bobs" and Kruger: Experiences and Observations of an American War Correspondant in the Field with Both Armies"

War in South Africa. SD. NAP.


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Wells, H. G.

"The War of the Worlds"

1st U. S. Edition - 1st Illustrated Edition


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Kesey, Ken

"Sometimes a Great Notion"

1st State Book in a 1st State DJ.


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